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the DS will not phsycally connect to you PC.


A GBAMP V2 or M2 simply put with Chism's firmware upgrade will run Homebrew. or a flash cart, supercard, M3, or whatever else you have that can me your DS run Homebrew apps http://www.dslinux.org/wiki/Running_Homebrew <-- the DSLinux Wiki gives a good definition for running homebrew


once you run the app on the DS (DS2KEY) and set it up for the router, it will automaticly connect to the PC that is running the PC side app. just switch modes, then it will work

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assuming you have an early version of the ds, then your cheapest bet would be to buy a gbamp ver. 2 from lik-sang (google it), a passme 1 (google it), and a cf card obviously. that way you can just dump the .nds file to the cf card and run it using a bootloader with the passme and a commercial rom in the nds slot. wow that was garble....just read the wiki. or you can use wifime if you have an elusive Ralink 2650 chipset......

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