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Help, please


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I have a DS, and I connect to wifi using my router. But, I don't know how to connect the DS to the computer so I can use the DS2Key. When I open it up, the GUI loads, but nothing else happens. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


Thanks in advance.

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I did read the readme. It did not say anything about how to connect, though. It just said it would connect automatically. Unless I'm missing something. Either way, sorry if I'm bothering you, but could you help me?

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in this order


1. run the PC app, and do whatever changes to the buttons you want, then hit the close box to minimise it to the taskbar (taskbar agent)


2.run the DS app and connect to your AP. (should say "loaded" in bottom left afterwards)


3. hi the button that looks like a seashell, or press select (gotta swithch from setup modeto imput mode)


4. play

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