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  1. Igasagu

    Help, please

    Did you read the Read Me? Or am I a terrible writer, and didn't make it very clear for new users?
  2. Igasagu

    DS2Key 0.4

    Me nor Sypherce could detect any delay in the use of 0.4. I played Stepmania with it for several hours, and the button detection was as perfect as it's always been. Perhaps it is your computer or router?
  3. Igasagu

    DS2Key 0.4

    w00t. I spent nearly all day writing that bloody readme. You people had better read every single word of it! :3 Now I can finally sleep.
  4. Igasagu

    You got in EGM!

    Holy crap. It seems we(Sypherce) need to get the new DS2Key out soon then, with media coverage already. Sypherce never expected this to happen when he first started working on it... Infact I dont think he even intended to release it on the internet... He just put it together so me and him could play Stepmania with our DS's.... But this is just phenomenal... Jesus christ.
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