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  1. It's always good to remember those who started all this. Emulation isn't just about emulating retrogames, it's imho also about the community, the ones that play all the games and share their passion with others. It would be a lonely world for some of us without all those emulator developers out there and some, new to retro/classic games, wouldn't have the chance to play all those classics. I really appreciate the work they do, be it a whole emulator or just a plugin.
  2. No, you need to connect it with the router, but before you connect it run the .exe file, make sure that the DS' ip is different than your PC ip. The DS2Key will automatically connect to the app on the pc. It is possible, and it should work actually, but you need to set up your computer to send it (you need WiFI card with a special chip) and your DS needs to be Flashed.
  3. I'll give it a try when I get home, I currently have a running ubuntu machine but my debian server should do.
  4. nxg

    Mac apps

    I'll upload them to the ds2key site when i get them from bagster.
  5. nxg

    DS2Key 0.4

    Do you have the pc ds2key software up running properly? If yes, check if you have the same port for the software and the ds side and keep in mind that the ip for pc and ds need to be different. If your pc has something like then just use something like for the ds.
  6. I have that problem too, but it's a problem coming from win98 itself. At first I thought it was due to the old direct x version, but a new version doesn't change anything. The buttons do work, though. But if you hold down a button only a keypress event will be received. We can't do anything for now. But there may be still one way to do it, but don't expect it to work for the next time.
  7. The design looks, got something new and fresh to it. The new logo is perfect, very good job overall. Well the toolbar in the textareas is a little bright (in comoparison to the overall design).
  8. Well how to do it depends on what router you use. Do you know where you put in the WEP key? Put the key in again and after that the router shows the hexcode. If you don't know how to do that look it up in the instructions, or post here what router you use.
  9. I didn't try to convince you to use perl (I don't see any good reason to not have a C based server around). What I meant was exactly that, Perl is 'portable' (well platform independent) and easy to customize at the same time. Perl is not that hard to learn, even for beginners, so almost everybody could add feature they need/like to the sevrer easily (if they really want to). One page or so to describe the use of xds2key could be helpful to some of the users, if I get some free time I could add it (some information and instructions).
  10. You're right it's XTEST not xtest and I meant the X11 extension XTEST (the one that handles the XTEST protocol). But you're right you need a the XTEST CPAN module for that (couldn't think of any other portable way, too). But perl still could be a good way to make it platform independent (even for Windows there is a GuiTest module that is used in a similar way). I will work on a perl script, may be some users use it as template and customize it to their own needs. No problem. sypherce mentioned he already talked to you. You can have a own section on the ds2key website if you want (I don't think sypherce has anything against that).
  11. Use the hexcode of the WEP key (most routers show the hex value for the key in the control panel).
  12. I planned to make one in perl (a script controlling xtest). I didn't have the time to test your server, but I will do if I get the time. Is your server an 'interactive' app or a deamon? I thought about releasing my server in two version (deamon and user version). Maybe we can share some ideas, do you an msn messenger account or any other messenger? Send me a pm if you have time.
  13. nxg

    DS2Key 0.4

    Thanks for the polite response. I should have already mentioned, but I tried this with a 64kb.sav file and it's still not loading my settings on startup. The files are named DS2Key.sc.nds and DS2Key.sc.sav <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Make sure that both files are in the same folder, if their named as you mentioned there shouldn't be a problem (it's case sensitive btw.). You to turn off and on the ds quickly after setting up and saving the WiFi data, the save should be still in the sram of the sc now. Go to the tab named "SAVER" select the DS2Key.sc.sav, Press A and then again for saving the sram into the file. Now as long the.sav file is in the same directory and is named right the sc loads the data into the sram automatically. I'm not sure if that still works for the latest release, I just remembered that it writes the save into the FAT system (which works only for CF media right know due to the used version of the CF driver). the 0.3 does for sure, so may be you should use that version.
  14. nxg

    DS2Key 0.4

    It's in the readme (afaik), you need to switch you ds off and on (quick), and then go to "Save", and select the DS2Key.sav (if any, if you don't have one you need an 64kb file with nothing in it (I'm not sure if it is 64kb but I'll make sure when I'm home), the file must have the same name as the DS2Key binary except for the extension (DS2Key.nds -> DS2Key.sav, DS2Key.ds.gba -> DS2Key.ds.sav, but I'm pretty sure you use something like DS2Key.sc.nds -> DS2Key.sc.sav). Just put this file in the same directory where the binary is.
  15. nxg

    Help, please

    He meant, of course, DS2Key itself.
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