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Play DS against a PSP


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I just somewhat finished my first DS app. Thanks to El_Hobito's PA_Lib Wifi Setup App, I was able to quickly code something up..


I had to do this for a school project, and I got enough done for that.. The code is really messy, and all IPs are hardcoded.. I am not sure when or if I'll actually finish it, but it does work..


So you can check it out, and play tic tac toe using WIFI. On my site I also posted the PSP code too, so you can play a game against someone with a psp!


screenshot4mo.th.png ndspsp5gv.th.jpg


»» ds tictactoe (homepage)

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This is simply an amazing idea that should be done for all emulators and homebrew apps for these 2 handhelds.


Seems like it's almost on the front page too.. :D




P.S. We also uploaded and added the screenshots to your post.


EDIT: You're now on the front page, congratulations. :)

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Thanks for posting it.. The site you linked to had some comments.. Not sure what that site is, so I'll respond here..


The screenshots are of the 2 playing each other...This was meant to be done to show how easy it is to make games multiplayer across platforms.. I meant for the code to be a lot cleaner to show only a few changes are really needed, but as I procrastinated, I had to just hack something together...


The psp code is at:


psp code


The psp stuff should be better.. You can actually configure if you are the client or server and what ip address to go to..


The DS one you are always the client, and your ip is hardcoded.. not hard to add a menu to fix that, but i just dont got the time...


Oh and another thing.. this is really thrown together.. it uses udp, with no error checking.. so if you drop a packet, you are forced to execute the ROHPP macro (reach out hand pull plug)

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Heh, in one day this thread has had more views than the Hot Chicks thread. :)


Nice work though. The homebrew scene never ceases to amaze me.

That's both good and bad:


Good: We're interested in something other than scantily-clad women


Bad: We're interested in something other than scantily-clad women



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