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Metal slug 6, kof 2005

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oh. like...tomorrow!


seriously; they don't use the old neogeohardware anymore, but atomiswave.

Now, in theory, I think it would be possible to emulate (similar to dreamcast hw, which is emulated), but I don't expect it anytime soon.


I bet ports to xbox/ps2 will be out sooner.

So to speak, the old days where the neogeo releases would leak over the web in no-time, are over. If that's good or bad, depends on your perspective :thumbsup1:


is metal slug 6 out, btw? I didn't quite keep track of that release.

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When they will be dumped and ready to be played on emulators?

You are kidding right?


Seriously, who doesn't know already, even though we've talked about this a million times already.


Metal Slug 6 will be on Atomiswave. It's not even out yet. That means it won't be emulated for a very long time. KOF 2005 is not even announced yet, unless you're talking about King of Fighters XI, which is arcade / Atomiswave too IIRC.


Some sense of realities wouldn't hurt, now would it? Thread locked so that the stupidity doesn't spread.

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