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Acclaim Lives!


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Acclaim Website


The Acclaim we grew up with is dead--we've known this for months, but the reforged company has a new website and is seeking beta testers for its new title Bots, a free MMOG that hopes to stay afloat using in-game advertising and micro-transactions.


The only other game mentioned on their rather simple website is 9Dragons, but little is shown of the game besides some pretty pictures and a short CG movie. As GameIndustry notes, new owners Howard Marks and Ken Chan hope to "build a community that leverages the familiarity with and loyalty to the Acclaim brand."


Loyalty to Acclaim, eh? Call us cynical, but Turok this is not.


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well, with infogrames going Atari they at least tried to look like the old company.

This is just something entirely different with the same name....

The only difference is, 2 brothers bought the company as oppose to Infogrames buying out Atari.

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