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how get dslinux web browser working on gbamp?


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Warlord's method worked for me, but some people don't get DHCP working.

In that case, follow these instructions: http://www.dslinux.org/wiki/index.php/Usin...less_Networking


worked as well... only thing is, in both cases it loses its connection pretty quickly over here; nevertheless, it's amazing to see it work ;)

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I also suffered from the lost connection after anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or so. I went into my linksys router settings and allowed the proper IP address (the one I assign my DS) and the port to be open and not blocked. This fixed the problems I ran into with DSchat and DSlinux wifi. Now it works great. Hope that helps.


Any firewall or port blocking system (router, etc) may effect your connection.

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Dudu.exe >

DSLinux username: root

DSLinux password: uClinux


but there's a hack to remove that (still have to try)


GrupstraNDS >

Which port specifically has to be open? I didn't read about a certain port in the Wiki (well, 80 for webbrowsing seems logical, but don't know any otherwise).


fischju >

Yes, I guess it's good to warn people it's text only and it runs out of memory really fast; but it's cool anyways :banghead:

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