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ZINC going open-source


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From AEP to bannister.org to Zinc's news page....


Dropping masks and returning to tomorrow: There have been rumors and innuendo for years about ZiNc™, it´s authors, where it came from, and where it´s going. Admittedly I haven´t helped that - I tell a "filtered" version of events that changes slightly on every occasion, just to keep everyone on their toes. Now I have permission to tell the truth.


ZiNc is S11Emu is The Impact is PSEmuPro.


The original authors have always been my good friends Duddie (aka The_Author) and Tratax (aka DynaChicken) up until ZiNc 0.9, at which point smf and I took over while D&T went Cube-hunting. Now you understand why I decided to "add" home PSX mode to ZiNc - it was really there all along waiting to return.


Now, I know a lot of current ZiNc users weren´t around back then and couldn´t care less about the ghost of scene politics past, but there´s more. ZiNc will become open source as of the v1.2 release. This does *not* mean the end of the project - smf and I will continue to update ZiNc after that point (after all, "complete" is a long way off) but we will welcome improvements from external contributors as well.

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