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My cd-writer error......


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If this burner has had alot of use and now is giveing errors at high speed burning it is more or less telling you its on way out.

The laser does not last forever you know.

If you are getting no errors at slower speeds then keep useing it but you will need a new burner sooner ot later.

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Go into your CD burner program and see if you can increase your buffer size, that helps for alot of people


Also, i heard somewhere that burning CDs at 52X with any drive is just like not really too stable or something, something to do with the chemicals in CDs and its just not really something you should do even though you can, i wish i remembered more about what it said, but they said you should just go to 48X, which isnt much slower anyway.

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Actually agozer is right, tests have been done that disprove those damn urban legends about lower burn speeds giving better results. PI/PO errors are actually HIGHER with lower speeds.

Oh and laser life has absolutely NOTHING to do with burn speed. Speed has to do with spindle rotation, buffer size/flow and data read. The laser is a constant.

If you're burner is failing at high speeds, you have one of 3 problems, in order of most likely....


#1: Poor media quality. Track following errors and redunancy issues here folks.

#2: Clean your damn PC up. 90% of computer users have cluttered to hell hard drives and defrag once a YEAR.

#3: The laser is malfunctioning. Most likely this is just an issue of needing cleaned, especially if things work at lower speeds. However see #2, as it's more likely the cause if things work at lower speeds.


End of story, period. The likelyhood your burner is dying if it functions fine at lower speeds, is like 1 in a million.

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