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Having some minor problems (NOOB)

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i changed to the open gl plugin and now it works so thanks for the tip and just curious why the openGL rather than any of the other plugins

The OpenGL2 plugin is far better than any other graphics plugin out there (save the software plugin, since it is the most accurate and emulates bloody everything the same way that the actual PSX does).


OpenGL is the best provided that your card is new enough to support OGL2 and is relatively fast.


All games I have work with the OpenGL2 plugin, except The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, which requires either the D3D or the Software plugin.

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OpenGl is pretty powerful and good. It works for almost everyone my friend has a laptop which isnt that powerful but is able to play PSX and N64 emu's with no problem and play them online sometimes lag free.

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