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anyone interested in "mac based" versions of DS2key applications? I have already made a perl script to control iTunes, and I'm starting to make one to control nestopia (or any other applications where you can configure keyboard). Anyone have special requests?

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The client for controlling nestopia (or any other application where you can rebind controls) is completed.


So if anyone want the iTunes controller or the nestopia controller, just ask me.


I'm thinking of adding a feature to add combos for games, do you think it can be great?


Like you send (through DS2key keyboard) something like

uuddlrlrbas L

and the combo will be recorded and available with the Left trigger

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Here is the other application:




Pretty basic at this time, will add features later.


DPAD is binded on asdw, and the others buttons to 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8


Tried with nestopia, work well (just remap the keyboard).


To test, just give focus in a window where you can input text. Still a console version, first time I use Xcode, so icons and fancy stuff are for the next release.



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Ok. Here's my VLC and iTunes remote.

It uses the itunes code, but i stuck some code to switch between iTunes and VLC in it and some VLC controls.

I'll relist all the controls:

A = play (iTunes)

B = pause (iTunes)

X = play/pause (VLC)

Y = fullscreen (VLC)

R = next (VLC)

L = previous (VLC)

Start = Swap between iTunes and VLC

Select = Update song title (iTunes)

U-dpad = Volume up (iTunes)

D-dpad = Volume down (iTunes)

R-dpad = Next track (iTunes)

L-dpad = Previous track (itunes)


Oh and you need to rename ds2key_itunesandvlc.txt to.pl because the forum wouldn't let me upload.pl.

Run it with perl /path/to/ds2key_itunesandvlc.pl at the terminal

I'd like to show the video title, but i can't figure out how atm. I think i'll have to use an applescript to read the window title.


Edit: done. It now displays the movie title when your using VLC.

Also improved a little bit.


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Any chance of a Front Row controller? Because I am thinking about hooking up my macmini to an RF switch and making it a channel for my entire house. Having a wifi remote for that channel would make it that much sweeter.


And if I wanted to try DSKey in OS X what hardware should I buy for my DS?

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