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Ok. Here's my VLC and iTunes remote.

It uses the itunes code, but i stuck some code to switch between iTunes and VLC in it and some VLC controls.

I'll relist all the controls:

A = play (iTunes)

B = pause (iTunes)

X = play/pause (VLC)

Y = fullscreen (VLC)

R = next (VLC)

L = previous (VLC)

Start = Swap between iTunes and VLC

Select = Update song title (iTunes)

U-dpad = Volume up (iTunes)

D-dpad = Volume down (iTunes)

R-dpad = Next track (iTunes)

L-dpad = Previous track (itunes)


Oh and you need to rename ds2key_itunesandvlc.txt to.pl because the forum wouldn't let me upload.pl.

Run it with perl /path/to/ds2key_itunesandvlc.pl at the terminal

I'd like to show the video title, but i can't figure out how atm. I think i'll have to use an applescript to read the window title.


Edit: done. It now displays the movie title when your using VLC.

Also improved a little bit.


but its just a script. how do i convert to file

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