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  1. The DS2Key 0.7 server comes with a configuration program that runs through the command prompt. Use it to configure your buttons. I played through Cave Story using the DS as the controller and it works wonderfully.
  2. There is one way, but it's totally impractical. It involves a wireless card with a certain chipset, then you host the file on your computer, and download the homebrew using the download function. Much easier to just purchase a flash card.
  3. Isn't there a way to set a button as a mouse button? I don't see it in any of the dropdown menus...
  4. Very nice, I find this very useful. Thanks! Took a while for someone to make this GUI.
  5. strongesthylian


    The server looks like it's not grabbing the IP address of your PC. Anyone else have any ideas? Are you sure you don't have multiple connections to the network (i.e. wired and wireless)?
  6. What exactly are you booting with? I remember I had a problem with the whole wifi thing itself, where it'd connect to my computer, and then just quit after a minute or two. After two weeks of fiddling, I figured out that it was because I was booting my files with DSOrganize. For some reason, DSOrganize did not like the booting of wifi-enabled apps. I figured out to just boot everything with Moonshell. I doubt this may be your problem, but I thought I'd post something somewhat helpful.
  7. Okay, so I run the program on the computer. Then I turn on my DS with the DS2Key file on the SD card. I run the program, and connect to my router. Then I choose DS2KEY, then hit accept, then accept again, and then I'm at a screen where I believe it tells me which keys I'm pressing down, or where on the screen I'm touching. However, nothing happens on the program running on the computer. It's just sitting there idle. You have to change the destination IP to the IP of the computer running the server.
  8. From what little I know, I think the USB charger is just that. There's no way to send data (that I know of) through the cable.
  9. Great job on the GUI. My favorite feature is actually being able to drag the little seek bar. I guess I don't really like that you need to download .NET framework 2.0 to get the server to run, though I've already installed it. I'm just griping for people who don't have .NET framework or don't want to bother getting it.
  10. You should probably tell us your homebrew setup. Kind of like how my setup is in my signature. The way you boot homebrew, be it FlashMe, a PassMe, or a NoPass. Some type of GBA flash card, i.e. Supercard, M3, etc. And also if you're booting homebrew through another program, like Moonshell or DSOrganize.
  11. Are you broadcasting your SSID? If nothing shows up, it sounds like you aren't broadcasting it.. There's no support for hidden SSIDs, from what I know of. Is that correct, sgstair?
  12. Like SylphAMP, but for Mac? http://www.sylphds.net/ev2/contentview.php?id=461
  13. Moonshell is the only app that plays DPGs. You can find it here: http://forum.gbadev.org/viewtopic.php?t=9643
  14. Works great. Even with two DSs. I noticed that the mouse code is completely different, but it moves the mouse according to the position on the touch screen. Is it possible to make the mouse function like a laptop touch pad? There's also lag when using mouse and buttons at the same time. I figured out why my DS kept disconnecting, it's because I was using DSOrganize to boot DS2key. I've notified the author of DSOrganize about the little bug. http://youngmx.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=281 Can't wait for the GUI version, as editing INI files for the control is annoying. But this is only a beta...
  15. I've successfully been able to use DS2Key and Beup before. But now when I try to use these programs, the DS disconnects from the AP in between 30 seconds-1 minute of connecting. I've tried starting through DSOrganize, Moonshell, and even as _BOOT_MP. They fail all ways. Anyone ever have this happen to them?
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