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Uwe Boll to make Postal movie


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Uwe Boll put another notch in his gamepad, as developer Running With Scissors announced that the game-centric director-producer has signed on to help bring its controversial Postal series of games to the big screen.


Boll, whose cinematic adaptations of House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark have been notoriously shunned by gamers and critics alike.


He described the movie as "Pulp Fiction meets Falling Down meets Wag The Dog," and said that just like the game, it will show that a task as mundane as cashing a check can be a big adventure.


Source Gamespot


Someone needs to shoot this idiot.......dead. No more bad video game > movie by this guy! Please!

Postal was a craptastic game at best, it'll make the worst movie ever.

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I have the game on my HDD still. :) It'sa fun way to kill some time, but nothing beyond that. The movie "Dragon Head" was a movie about a bunch of people going crazy and killing each other after a natural disaster. :P It was a fun movie to watch though. ;)


http://www.dangerouscopilot.com/?p=10 <-info

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