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Uwe Boll to make Postal movie


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He also did the music for Team America which more people probably remember.


All these game movies, woohoo, theres like an explosion of them, hopefull it wont be an explosion of crap.


I dont know why but im really super crap-my-pants excited for the Farcry movie


Definatly gonna see the Postal movie, hopefull it has the same dark demented humour of the game

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well, yeah we can only hope for the best. *wonders when counter-strike movie will be made, then pukes his breakfast out*

urrgh. anyway I'd like to see a Half-Life movie, but definetly not directed by Uwe Boll haha. would George Cloney be a good gordon freeman?! lolol

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i remember there was some site somewhere that picked actors for each role and they actually did a really good job


or was it on old PC gamer mag? Yeah that was probably it, if i didnt throw it out il scan it and post it.


Man...the days of when PC Gamer didnt suck...

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