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A baby named Google


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First of all I would like to laugh my head off.:P secondly, I would like to beat up these people. hehe jk. That kid is gonna have a tough time through school. I mean who the flock names their child googlekai.


Its also sad that they are putting it all over the internet for what ? publicity? A google nut ? Geez some people :D now all we need is someone to name their boy askjeeves.

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Nicolas Cage named his son Kal-El after Supermans real name...


The google name reminds me of futurama. when leela was a baseball player.


Leela: Whats your name?

Girl: eBay..

Leela: Little e big B?

eBay: Yea


Also the word "Sephiroth" has deeper meaning that goes beyond Fnal Fantasy 7. :P

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Ahhahaha! I like this line from the Google Blog: "Of course, there's a website devoted to young Mr. Kai. We wish him long life and good health, and hope his schoolmates aren't too hard on him."

Really ? it said this on the blog. People obviously know how school is gonna be for young google. Maybe kids will ask him for information :P

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this just prooves my ever-championed theory:



Oh I got an idea, I wanna name my kid Megaman! How ingenious, how original,.... HOW GODDAMN SAD!!!!


best wishes for the brat tho, not his fault his parents are imbecidiots..

I'm naming my kid Twiggy, regardless of gender.

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