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A section for iDeaS Emulator ?!


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Hi evbdy


i'm a new member in this emulation community... and i want to comment on something, there no section for iDeaS :D... the best Ds emulator i ever tired. and i wonder if somebody succeeded in playing castlevania dawn of sorrow with.


thx :)

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We will soon have a Nintendo DS forum where you'll be able to talk about iDeaS. :P


Other than that... if and only if we hosted the official forum for iDeaS would we make a forum just for it.

Your best bet is to email Linoma (Lino) and ask him to be hosted on 1Emulation's Forums. :P

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The current release of iDeaS does not play any commercial rom.


For Dawn fo Sorrow the current version will play the intro very very slow (about 2-3fps)


They are (as far as I know) are working on a new version (as mentioend in the news area about iDeaS) and it has not been posted yet. Their website hasn't been updated since then, and no news out in the scene yet.

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