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Intelligent Design in schools?


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Ryuken, you're an idiot too. And thank you, I will sleep very soundly tonight. :D But what attitude? My reponse to your post was civil. I guess debate team wasn't a complete waste after all.


And Ryuken, you're a goddamn moron. Shut the flock up you little shithead. You expect to come into this thread and say something wrong and then have the nerve to say something like that? Dumbass.


Is that the attitude you don't like? Well tough crap. I'll be nice to your posts but I will NOT put up with stupidity like suvo and Ryuken. They have a proven track record of stupid posts, just check they're history.


flock it, I've had it with this place. Good luck to GameCop and the rest of the staff.


thx, i love it every time u call me dumb, anyway i can't believe ur over reacting for nothing, it's just so not you man

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Intellient Design, eh. Never heard of it. The name seems to indicate that aliens could have done the work just as much as a divine god could have. Makes sense I suppose, if you take that sort of thing seriously.


I thought school was there to prepare you for your adult life, and giving you the knowledge required to get a job. The rest of it (seems to be most of it these days) seems irrelevant.


All quotes from STUFF's first post.

Ok, now. I don't want to have a Creation VS Evolution debate here. Those never end up very good.
It's inevitable. Religion has been involved since the first post - and it always causes trouble. That's why many forums ban this kind of talk.


What I want to discuss here is, should teachers be allowed to tell students that there is an alternative?
Of course. It is a basis of free speech.


Should teachers even be teaching evolution when it is all just theory just like creation would be?


Should teachers maybe teach both sides of the story?

If it's in the syllabus. I don't see how teaching it is going to help you get a job though.


Does the fact that someone believe something was made by God automatically converts that persons beliefs into myth and not science?
Didn't work for me.


Please lets try to respect each others opinions and not trash each other.
Better luck next time.


As I fully expected, the debate degenerated into a evolution vs creationism argument, with neither side emerging as a clear winner. Personally I don't give a toss; we are here today and must deal with it as well as possible. What happened thousands or millions of years ago has no bearing on today's problems; leave that to those with nothing better to do.


Nevertheless, I still have opinions on the theories. Darwin's theory of the strongest surviving is simple to understand, logical, and easy to reproduce in a lab. The weaker seem to hang around though, but in reduced numbers. Humans of course will not let the weakest die out, but seem determined to allow defectives to pollute the gene pool unhindered.


Evolution or seeding by aliens have about equal credence, in my mind. Does Darwin's theory work for complete evolution from monkeys to men? None of the alternatives seems promising to me.


On a different note, no more insults/name calling or this thread gets closed.

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This thread is officially over!


First off, Ryuken and Suvo have had their posting abilities suspended for a week. In no way will we tolerate deliberate posts that have nothing to do with the topic itself, or have no support behind it, but piss everyone off. That to everyone else is practically spam. We have given these guys SEVERAL warnings in the past and in no way would we go to these measures if we didn't do so.


Secondly, please realize that 1Emulation is supposed to be a place for everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time. Don't be the JACKASS!


EDIT: If you do want this thread re-opened or do have a comment that you wish to really post, please contact me privately.

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