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A must read: what DSWifi actually is.


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Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Here's a few things about DSWifi.




-> DSWifi is an API - it's a bunch of functions used by coders in their program to be able to connect to a wireless router and to connect on the internet. A "connection" means a transfer of raw data (bytes and consequently, characters like 'A', '8', etc). That's all, nothing much.




-> A browser. A browser will use the DSWifi to surf on the internet but a programmer will have to code it.


-> Something with a graphical interface. DSWifi is NOT a program - you can't "execute" or "launch" DSWifi. It's just a bunch of sentences in several text files.


-> An IRC client. A test application is being developed in order to show the capabilities of DSWifi but understand that this application is only using DSWifi.


-> A hacker tool. DSWifi will NOT help you to copy games and will NOT replace any hardware solution already available (like PassMe or a GBA Flash Card). DSWifi is used in a program so this one has to be loaded before being used on the Nintendo DS.




-> A "useful" browser. Just forget it - no one know how to use the anti-aliasing functions built-in so all pictures will look like a bunch of colorful disorganized pixels. Anyway how can you resize a 400 pixels wide picture on your monitor into a marvelous 41 pixels wide picture on the DS screen?


-> MMORPG. We don't have any good games right now so don't expect WoW to be ported by the homebrew community on the DS.




-> A RSS reader! Check Slashdot news on your DS from everywhere!


-> A mail client.


-> Games! Tic-tac-toe, Dual Tetris, turn-based games.


-> An IRC Client. Of course.


I hope that this will clarify a few things...


(I've merged your 2 posts - robbbert)

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First off, thanks to sgstair for his hard work. Thanks to you guys for working on a FAQ.


Secondly, I'm completely new to the homebrew scene. I'm merely a consumer looking to use these applications once they're available. I don't know anything about flash cards, passme, etc. I've never purchased anything beyond the DS itself.


So I have some questions about the IRC client since that is my main interest.


Will you guys be providing step-by-step instructions for how to load the IRC client onto the DS? Is it as simple as loading it onto a flash cart and then putting the flash cart into the GBA slot and booting up? After that, can I connect to IRC through my compatible wi-fi router? Can I do all this without modifying my firmware?


As I say, I'm a complete newb when it comes to this. Any help is appreciated. Thank you and I hope these questions aren't redundant.

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Welcome to the scene!

Ok. This applies to all homebrew.

There are two kinds of DS file out there..ds.gba files for flash carts and.nds files for wifime and the GBAMP. You need a passthru device to run homebrew too. These include the passme (original hardware based), flashme (firmware based), wifime (PC software based). Flashme modifies the DS.


If you have a GBA Flash cart you burn the.ds.gba file to it, put it in your DS GBA slot. Then you get a passme and put it in the DS slot.

Turn on the DS. That should be about it. The homebrew app should load.


A passme is a device that re-directs where the DS is running the code from.

In this case it changes it from DS slot to GBA slot. http://www.dspassme.com/

If you want you can overwrite the firmware with a 'virtual passme'. The ds stays the same except it runs unsigned (e.g. unoffical) apps from wifime and it will execute homebrew from GBAMP slot without the passme sticking out. Unfortunatley you need void your warrenty and you need a passme to install flashme.


If you have the right wifi card you can send the demo's via wireless from a PC.

Information on wifime is here. http://www.aaronrogers.com/nintendods/wifime.php


If you have a GBAMP then it's slightly different. You need to change the firmware on the device. Then you put the homebrew on a compact flash (CF) card, changing it's name too _boot_mp.nds. Then you put the passme in the DS slot, the GBAMP in the GBA slot and power up. Your homebrew should run.


Link collection

http://ds.gcdev.com/dsfirmware/ - flashme

http://www.dspassme.com - passme

http://www.aaronrogers.com/nintendods/wifime.php - wifime

http://www.ndshb.com/ - general homebrew site

http://www.ndshb.com/modules.php?name=Cont...showpage&pid=26 - GBAMP firmware flash info

http://www.dslinux.org - Linux on your DS

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Thanks for the info!


So it looks like I want to go the route of getting a flash cart and a passme.


Now, I use a Netgear router. I don't have a compatible RT type card for wifime, so that's why I'm passing on that option.


Do I understand correctly that sgstair's wifi hack will allow me to connect without the need for wifime? In other words, once I have the IRC client booted up on the DS using the passme and flash cart, I should be able to get online using any router I want to? Will I need special drivers installed on the computer that houses the router I'm using (in this case my Netgear)? Also, will I have to uninstall my original router drivers? Does that make sense or am I off on that? I guess I'm not sure how the DS is going to communicate with my PC using my router.


Also, it's interesting that you mention there's two different types of DS files. I wonder if the IRC client, for instance, will be programmed for both types, or just one?


Thanks again.

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In other words, once I have the IRC client booted up on the DS using the passme and flash cart, I should be able to get online using any router I want to?


Also, it's interesting that you mention there's two different types of DS files.  I wonder if the IRC client, for instance, will be programmed for both types, o


For your first question, Yes you will be able to get online without changing your network card's driver. That is, if you used the passme before in order to load your program on the DS.


For your second question, it's just a manner of compilation; the software is programmed the same way for the two files. You should not have any problem to load the file.

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Info on the file types;



The DSwifi library that sgstair is working on implements an TCP/IP stack. This allows the DS to communicate with other devices using that standard. This includes all routers and computers. Of course if they don't have a wifi card they can't communicate but in theory they can.


So your router assigns the DS an IP (if using DCHP) or you assign it. Then you can communicate with any computer connected to that router. That's all the DNS servers or web servers or whatever. You might not be able to view the hosted content unless you have software for that protocal. e.g. you can't view what's on an ftp server unless you have an app that understands the ftp protocal.


Eventually, once homebrew starts creating wifi apps i think we'll see all kind of things. Like smb browsers, web browsers, irc clients, telnet clients.


Apart from being able to run code this could be the single greatest thing that happens for the DS homebrew scene.

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