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  1. Stephen, what are you doing, still answering the post here? Go code that awsome library, you will have a big credit in my first application. I think that I will do a mail client... or a kind of wrapper for gmail... Now get working!
  2. For your first question, Yes you will be able to get online without changing your network card's driver. That is, if you used the passme before in order to load your program on the DS. For your second question, it's just a manner of compilation; the software is programmed the same way for the two files. You should not have any problem to load the file.
  3. Selling DS content without approbation from the big N is the best way to see several attorney letters to be sent to ISP and webmasters to force them to close their websites. You have to understand that Nintendo is already aware of what we are doing but they are letting doing our little business because of one thing: we are not taking away their profits. This is one of the reason why Sony is so agressive - they are developing their own new applications and they don't want any other stuff on their PSP. So don't forget the rule: don't touch their profits or you're screwed.
  4. Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Here's a few things about DSWifi. WHAT IT IS: -> DSWifi is an API - it's a bunch of functions used by coders in their program to be able to connect to a wireless router and to connect on the internet. A "connection" means a transfer of raw data (bytes and consequently, characters like 'A', '8', etc). That's all, nothing much. WHAT IT IS NOT: -> A browser. A browser will use the DSWifi to surf on the internet but a programmer will have to code it. -> Something with a graphical interface. DSWifi is NOT a program - you can't "execute" or "launch" DSWifi. It's just a bunch of sentences in several text files. -> An IRC client. A test application is being developed in order to show the capabilities of DSWifi but understand that this application is only using DSWifi. -> A hacker tool. DSWifi will NOT help you to copy games and will NOT replace any hardware solution already available (like PassMe or a GBA Flash Card). DSWifi is used in a program so this one has to be loaded before being used on the Nintendo DS. WHAT NOT TO EXPECT IN MID-TERM: -> A "useful" browser. Just forget it - no one know how to use the anti-aliasing functions built-in so all pictures will look like a bunch of colorful disorganized pixels. Anyway how can you resize a 400 pixels wide picture on your monitor into a marvelous 41 pixels wide picture on the DS screen? -> MMORPG. We don't have any good games right now so don't expect WoW to be ported by the homebrew community on the DS. WHAT YOU CAN ALREADY PREPARE YOURSELF FOR: -> A RSS reader! Check Slashdot news on your DS from everywhere! -> A mail client. -> Games! Tic-tac-toe, Dual Tetris, turn-based games. -> An IRC Client. Of course. I hope that this will clarify a few things... (I've merged your 2 posts - robbbert)
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