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A must read: what DSWifi actually is.


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-> A browser. A browser will use the DSWifi to surf on the internet but a programmer will have to code it.


-> Something with a graphical interface. DSWifi is NOT a program - you can't "execute" or "launch" DSWifi. It's just a bunch of sentences in several text files.


-> An IRC client. A test application is being developed in order to show the capabilities of DSWifi but understand that this application is only using DSWifi.


-> A hacker tool. DSWifi will NOT help you to copy games and will NOT replace any hardware solution already available (like PassMe or a GBA Flash Card). DSWifi is used in a program so this one has to be loaded before being used on the Nintendo DS.


Let's not forget the obvious...


-> A direct means of tunnelling NiFi games over the Internet. That doesn't mean it can't be done, just don't expect it to work OOB (out of box).


I've been asked this way too many times and felt it'd be a worthy addition.

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