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Yes I still run alternates to everything Microsoft I possibly can lol


I'll actually throw up a list of the alternatives I use, so anyone else (and yourself) can try these things out.


Windows Shell = Aston (Approx 10x smaller footprint than Explorer, and MUCH more customizeable. Also 3x smaller footprint than Litestep, and less confusing)


File Manager = Directory Opus (Best I've found so far, also replaces explorer.....too much to say, you'd have to try it out)


Browser = Mozilla Firefox (I don't think I need to say anything here.....)


Email = Mozilla Thunderbird (Again....no need to say anything, whups Outlook though)


Office Program = Openoffice (I've still got MS Office XP installed. I'm trying to get used to using this, and will eventually ditch MS Office....but for now, till I'm comfortable, both)


Defragmenter = Raxco's Perfectdisk (This thing defrags WAY better than the defrag tool that ships with XP, however it has it's quirks with not defragging certain things that I WANT defragged. The XP tool will do that though, use both for best results)


Media Player = Media Player Classic (THE replacement for WMP.......period)




I also repeatedly tweak the services on my computer for top performance, schedule batch CHKDSK's (.BAT file......google this up, you'll figure it out) to keep things optimized and a hell of a lot more. This is why I get more out of my 5 year old Pentium 4 than some of you get out of your brand new machines. :huh:


The last thing I have to say is..........Do NOT be afraid to break your Windows installation by playing around, it ships broken anyway. lol

Back everything up if you don't use more than one partition, and if you don't use more than one partition (C drive only), LEARN TO!

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I would reccomend Mandrake Linux if you want user friendly, But I REALLY want to try SuSe which i heard is also user friendly and alot better.


SuSe Pro 10 comes out in 3 days. (correct me if im wrong, its around there though) and the Pro version is going to be free now :huh: Im going to install SuSe Pro 10 on an external USB HDD so i can boot it anywhere!

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ME? BLARG!!!!!!! Install 2k Pro FFS........If theres any version of Windows to stay away from like the plague, it's ME. (All of them actually, but I'm a gamer........and most of my games are Windows only ech)

if I had a 2000 disc I would have went with that. but as it turnes out my 95 and 98 discs were FUBAR so I had to borrow someones ME. all I use the lappy for is to transport my art around anyways. much easier to bring a laptop and a cheap printer then it is to bring a stack of magazines and a bunch of binders full of art.

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