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Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Thread


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Nomura lazy? That's not right...


There probably still working on the english dubbing.

You fail to read. I was talking about the english verison as a whole. He doesn't have any say when they release it in North America. But he does have a say however, for the english voice overs. Chance are they could be the ones provided by Disney (yes, possibly, because for KH, he had the final say before Disney could assigne voice actors for any of the Square's cast). Some people don't know how much power he really has behind the scenes.

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I'd personally rate the movie a 7/10.


After waiting so long, building the hype within myself brick by brick, it just didn't satisfy after finally watching it. Actually, it took several days for me to watch the whole thing since the plot itself failed to keep me entertained all the way. Most of the 7 out of 10 goes to the visuals and audio.

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