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Man dies after online game marathon... xD


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Only 50 hours? What a sissy........


I've spent spats of 3-4 days NON STOP playing games before. I played Final Fantasy VII for 3 days straight when it first came out (I only ate twice and I don't recall using the bathroom lol) and I used to play Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear online from Friday night until Monday before I had to go to work, also without any real break, certainly no "brief naps".


Oh well, there must have been a real reason behind this......something he was pre-disposed to in order for this to have happened. I've deprived myself of sleep for entire weeks before, not intentionally either.


Wheres the "You are an idiot! Hahahahaha!" page when you need it?

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I would think that there would have to be something seriously wrong with people who do this lol, i mean i have sat on the computer for 5 hours before, sometimes longer, but i do manage to get up and get food and water lol, my mom heard about this lol and was like dont you ever turn out like these freaks..lol, i said geez mom i havent made it that far yet, lol shes funny.


So...I was thinkin...did that man die happy? did he win, or did he even know? lol, Surely he died happy right?

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