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MAME 0.97u3


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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed


irobot058gre [MASH]




Source Changes


Added some sanity checking, and changed a printf() to logerror() to

intelfsh.c. [Nathan Woods]


Made the DRC PowerPC core compilable when HAS_PPC403 is 0. [Nathan Woods]


Improvements to Sega Model 3 [Ville Linde]

- Fixed a bug in the MPC106 emulation -> Star Wars Trilogy and Sega

Rally 2 work


Improvements to the PowerPC cores [Ville Linde]

- Rewrote the interrupt handling in the interpreter core so it matches

the DRC core

- Fixed MCRXR instruction

- Fixed some timebase problems, so LeMans 24 is now working.


Improvements to the MACS driver [Angelo Salese]

- Added some inputs to the MACS driver so that Yu-Jan works. Fixed the

visible area in it.

- Also added a quick kludge for get Yu-Ka to work (Note: it's disabled by



Fixed Oki frequency to match samples pitch on the pcb for Final Tetris.

[Corrado Tomaselli]


Fixed crash in the debugger when decoding instructions that were too long.

[Aaron Giles]


Fixed a number of problems with Eagle Shot Golf, removing several hacks from

the SSV driver along the way. [Luca Elia]


Decrypted tilemaps in Dark Mist and added info about missing proms.

[Tomasz Slanina]


Fixed minor bug in TIA emulation, taken from the MESS code. [Wilbert Pol]


Renamed Hollywood Action to Action Hollywood. [David Haywood]


Major video update to Taito F3 driver that amongst other things properly

implements zoom & column scroll according to how the hardware does it,

which not only fixes glitches in various games but allowed many hacks to be

removed also. Sprite & tilemap clipping is also implemented, as is

proper priority mixing and alpha-blending on the vram and pixel

layers. [bryan McPhail]


Fixed exception handling and task switching in the V60 core. [Aaron Giles]


Add preliminary sound support for Action Hollywood. [Quench]


Improvements to the PSX CPU core [smf]

- correct behaviour for a branch in a delay slot.

- added bios and syscall logging of all known functions & their parameters

(writing to file descriptor 1 or putchar will output to the console)

- fixed disassembly of gte instructions.

- fixed dismips.mak


Did another overhaul on the PPC603 counters (timebase should increment

once every four core clock cycles and decrementer should decrement once

every four bus cycles). [Ville Linde]


Namco System 2 updates [brian Troha]

- Added Final Lap road clut prom to all Final Lap sets

- Made Final Lap 3 World the parent, new clone is finalp3j

- Added Final Lap's road clut to Four Trax (marked as bad_dump)..

- Changed SWS sound rom to match the other sets (sws92 & sws93)




New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status


Animalandia Jr. [Luca Elia]




New clones added


Puzznic (Japan set 2) [Aaron Giles]

Tant-R (Puzzle & Action) (Korea) [laugh, David Haywood]

Raiden Fighters (Dream Island co. license) [Corrado Tomaselli]

Raiden Fighters (US, Fabtek License) [Chris Hardy]




Thanks to Denzilla for the news :thumbsup:

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DIFF updates are not really releases. Since the diff file is not the emulator. Thats why I never name the title a release.



The 'u' releases are the intermediate versions released as source only by MameDEV between full numbered versions, and as such may be more unstable than the full releases.
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I take it thats only the standard build ?


Yes, I just post what works on everyone's computers, nothing special.

I don't post the source either, as no-one here would use it. Those that need it know where it is.

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Yes, I just post what works on everyone's computers, nothing special.

I don't post the source either, as no-one here would use it. Those that need it know where it is.



I compile the I686 build as it seems to run better on most PC's even older ones . Which I also use on my older P3 600MHZ ..

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