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Yeah ever since i got my "UNIX slut of the century everyone gets a poke for free" shirt

i've been really curious about this terminal since i see my friends using that stuff a lot. So now i'm getting part time lessions on some neat tricks to do with it on my MAC.


Like restarting the system

turning it off

"changing the title screen from "welcome to darwin" haha

mounting stuff and un mounting

killing processes through the PID number.


it's pretty fun knowing these little things especially when some people at school at the library trying to work somthing and a program doesn't work anymore. Like some dude walked up to my friend and I and asked if we could help him cause his program crashed and he was all bad mouthing the macs and wish there was a contrl+alt delete. there is one for the mac side but it's option+apple+esc. But since i recently learned the trick how to kill the process through the terminal i did that and he was like... o.O oh okay thanks. LOL


i plan to learn basic stuff that can help me, since couple of my friends are going to graduate from DEVRY university "woo gratz" on the 18th of june they know a lot about that unix linix crap and seeing the stuff they do looks very scary but very deck at the same time. :ph34r:


like my buddy christian i think uses some form or linux or unix i don't know but all i see is a black screen with greed/pink/yellow/blue and any other colour you see on the traditional RGB colour wheel text. but i think he made his own desktop but it looks like somthing from the matrix or those sci fi movies. ^_^:D


i remember him saying it's "JIN-TWO?" or somthing that sounds like jin two i forget what kind of crap he was using.


now if gravity makes a RAGNAROK.DMG i'll be the happiest camper cause that game is the only reason why i come back to the windows side. :lol:

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Well I installed Linux on a spare harddrive that I had but I stupidly forgot I can't dual boot since that harddrive is connected to an ATA-100 card... that was a waste of an hour. Now everytime I want to use it I have to open my computer and mess with the cables. flock that.

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