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What do you think of Michael Jackson?? Jacko Whacko!?


What do you think of Michael Jackson?  

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Man, after seeing all these specials on Michael Jackson, I don't know who he is anymore. Now he is like a messed up Alien dude. :lol: He has had his nose thrown off in a concert (rumor). Broke the record of the amount of surgeries on someones face, likes sleeping with children he doesn't know. Has a NeverLand to make him feel like a little boy....


And well the rest is a little weird. :D


What are your thoughts on Michael Jackson?


Jacko Whacko?

Jacko Goodo?





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a really sad story behind M.J, from little Michael turn into a complete changed man if you recall that. After viewing the entire interview and tour about M.J on VHS, its bad enough for M.J to denied about his transgenderism and the facts about his deform facial changed.


I felt pity that he grows up turn out to be like that :D

but his career were the biggest sensational hit, still the truth of M.J

dark history remains closed.

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I think he is a good person.

Sleeping with kids however... A little borderline for me but...

i do not think he is a perv....

I like him.


Yep, thats about right........the sleeping with kids thing is dodgy, hard to tell, but i dont think he does anything he shouldnt be doing.


As far as anything else goes he is a world phenomenon who is the greatsest pop star and entertainer earth has seen :D

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I am still not sure about him. All I know is these interviews really left a scar on his name and he better figure out a way to fix that. He could be the King of Pop, but come on now, this guy is insane. :D

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he may be a little crazy, but come on...i think they are blowing this whole thing all out of proportion. its just that he is an easy target, thats it. they should just leave the poor guy alone.

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If you put your neck on the line... you must be prepared for the chop i suppose...


I guess. MJ should have known what the hell he was getting into, for heaven sakes, he's known all around the world. Who knows what the hell to believe. :D

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Look what I found, the michael jackson case on the child abuse allegations.


Click Here


This can get a little disturbing. I couldn't even read all of it. So Beware!!


Some stuff unfortunatelly makes sense when reading this after all of these interviews about him. :D:lol:

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