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Poll: best Neo-Geo fighting game

What do you think you guys?  

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It's weird how nobody ever really knew anything about king of fighters, because when i was young and went to the arcade i was to little and wasnt very good at playing fighting games, i was playing streets of rage, x-men, the simpsons, and punisher. Even now some of my frineds bearly know who the king of fighters were, them being "gamers" and all but i guess it was that capcom vs. snk that really brought them to the console and the fans. anyways i think that samurai showdown and last blade are in a seperate catagory than the king of fights, and those others because samurai show down and them are a weapons fighting game like soul calibur. Im just saying that you can put a weapons and non weapons in the same catigory.

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i vote matrimelee for worst because i want to kill someone every time i hear/see every song/level on that game.


if its not a stadium full of ppl waving glowsticks at a girl singing and playing guitar on a swing that follows you, its the damn alien level, or the one about what appears to be internet pedophiles. or the damn pope girl on the with the wedding march music. :o

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