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  1. holly crap dude..i was just there before i posted this....damn...such a cool place.....arrrgggg
  2. i downloaded this emu from filemirrors but it didnt bring the xbe with it.... now i know its illigal to distribute that thing(not that roms arent O_o)but can one of you pm me the link or post it here for me to get be much apreciated thanks
  3. damn it....screw them bastards...they are way over paid for what they do....lolololol
  4. i made a dat for nebula but got a z80 error....thats all i got...could be a bad romset
  5. go here http://www.neogamez.net they now have all the nrx roms for download
  6. thanks xeon.....i tried that program..didnt get it...but i used winkawaks as you sugested and my problems where solved thanks again
  7. it be nice if i could read french and it be nice it there was a guide cus i dont understand nothing on that thing
  8. i need some to need: zupapa/zupapan neonopon ganryu/ganryun bangbead/bngbeadn s1945p/s1945pn kof2001/kof2k1nd sengoku3/sngoku3n preisl2/ preisl2n neopong note that i have all but 2 of those mentioned,they just arent predecrypted.... also would like the link for the kawa-x se that can play all the latest snk games like samsho5 mslug5 kof2k2 rotd and some others.... thanks
  9. i must say i do not have any problems playing it in my arcade...runs just fine on mame and kawaks
  10. lolol i just notice that i posted arcade related stuff in the console section lolol sorry about that oh i almost forgot..thats weird and about the save state...just figured it out...i just dont like kawaks much...usually use nebula
  11. stupid question here everytime i try to save my game on kawaks dev emu with kof 2k3 it says that it wasnt able to save.....what am i doing wrong here yet another question....how on earth do i get to fight the true last boss of kof2k3?? i always end up fighting adel all the time and the game ends i only use 1 continue cus kuzanagi kicks my ass the first time always...that bastard aarrggg
  12. dude the hacked one for kawaks and neoragex lol...sorry
  13. acording to this website the p1's for kof 2k3 are now floating somewhere but only as a private download somewhere http://www.neogamez.net/
  14. kof 99 by far the best in my opinion...if it counts lol
  15. try this http://www.neogamez.net/Downloads/svc/svc_m1.zip repleace the old one with this one :0it worked for me also this for some other fixes http://www.neogamez.net/Downloads/svc/svc_P1.zip and the kawaks dat here http://www.neogamez.net/Downloads/svc/DAT.zip need more info let me know
  16. for those of you not in the know like i was days ago....heres a cool program that lets you make your own DATs for cps2 snk games for nebula,yes even svc DAT MAKER just make sure you have a hack nebula as the regular one has the games locked....with the hack youl have acces to them...but you still might have to make the dat file so far i got games for neorage only working on nebula....laterz and enjoy
  17. no need to worrie dude...as i said it many times....that what i was,was only at A@H...nowhere else...and everybody that knows me know that...like my chump Magy
  18. sadly no more of that...well maybe if you pay me enough ill let you do it
  19. freaking cool dude...thanks dude...and also Weirdanzeige
  20. sorry about that bro... some reason the way i linked it is not working...but heres the web site for it http://www.neogamez.net/ its in the main page still about two topics down again sorry
  21. cool thanks...lol that was easy lol...unfortunately it said the game was locked so back to square one...but i apreciate the help
  22. noob alert...lol....but how do i make it tho?? O_o copy the info and save it where???
  23. how do i make the kof2k2 one into a dat??am lost here lol
  24. yea thats my old self lol...am avatar less now...need a good one
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