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iDeaS v1.0.0.3 Released!


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iDeaS is a current work in progress to be a Nintendo DS emulator.


    * Added Display List Management (GXFIFO)

    * Added DMA Management

    * Fixed some errors in the touchscreen management

    * Added TEXGEN_NORMAL. (Mike260 demo)

    * Added TOON effect (it works but I think there are still problems)

    * Added screen capture features.

    * And more changes..

»» Download Now!

»» http://ideasemu.altervista.org

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DS emulation is too preliminary for me to get interested. :) Once the emulator(s) start running something else than demos, I'll pick it up.


I am waiting untill it is able to do my house work and make me coffee :)

Just so you know, Zsnes has been toasting my bread, buttering it and garnishing it for a good while now. :ph34r:

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