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"Soul Calibur III, No Arcade Release"


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I'm scared to play fighting games in the arcade because I get pwned by asian dudes.

damn asian dudes!

with thier leet gaming skillz and math.


my gmaing skillz aren't that great but my math is sure btter than the americans in my class, hehe

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It is japanese. I need to link my source somewhere. Iggy does everything. I just "spread" the word.

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not only that its not gonna appear in the arcades, SC3 is a PS2 exclusive...



yes but these days how long does a third party games stay exclusive. See heres the deal sony say hey ill pay u some money in advance if u do and exclusive for our system to makes us feel good. you scratch my back Ill scratch yours. Then the deal runs out a few months later and namco stabs sony in the back and makes even more money off people who own better systems. Good example is GTA... they would be retarded not to rerelease a game on other systems after the deal is up...

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