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Final Fantasy 7 for PC


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FFVII PC is basically crap because the music is worse than in the PSx version. I even had to install that Yamaha XG MIDI extension in order to prevent the game from hanging as soon as you entered a battle.


Yamaha XG was a really nice soft synth for it's time, but it shouldn't have been compulsory.


Alcohol 120% should be able to rip PSX CDs 1:1.

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The original version I bought like 5 years ago had 4 discs. Someone in this topic claims the EA one has 5...maybe its just a bonus demo disc of some other game or crap like that.

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the fifth disc is full of yaoi of cloud, seperoth, and the lion.

have fun with that, ff fanboys.. remember what the noble Ulimate Warrior said to students at UCONN recently.

"queerin' don't make the world work" (yes he really said that)

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