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Stranded on an Island?


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One of those nice little hypothetical questions, but if you were stranded on an island, with no hope of ever being rescued, what 5 games would you like to have with you to help pass the rest of your life away with?(Let's just say you have an all-in-one system with a nuclear powered battery or something).



Castlevania - Symphony of the Night - couldn't go the rest of my life without a C-vania game.


Shenmue II - I liked the story it had, plus with the arcade games in it, you get a few more to play :devilboy:


Grand Turismo 2 - It would take me forever to get all my licenses back!


Soul Calibur - Just for pure aesthetics and joyous gameplay.


Bust a Move 4 - A puzzle game would help keep my mind from rotting away.

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Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (like a certain someone, I too can't be without one of these games)


Tales of Eternia - Pure joy. The Tales Team has always up there in my patheon.


Disgaea: Hour of Darkness - One Tactical RPG is a must.


SSX 3 - Pixel snowbording rules hardcore.


Soul Calibur II - Just because it is Soul Calibur II.


I didn't list any FPS games, since those games don't last very long.

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5 games man that tough

Castlevania SON

Soul Calibur 3

Final Fantasy 7

God of War(this game is the sh##!!!!!!

Are EMU disc incuded or not if yes then my snes disc

if not SF annv collection revised to have all the street fighters in it.

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Technically. If you brought an Online game to play. You can radio others for help. :clapping:



Nice one, Disoblige, I didn't even think of that when i posted the question. Well, we know who won't be stuck on an island for very long then, lol.

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