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What series is better?


What is better, Legend os Zelda or Resident Evil  

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i havent played any zelda games except wind waker..


i also played resident evil 1 , 2 , 3 , code veronica X and 4..


but chosing which series is better? is though question...


well in my opinion i would say both series are great to me and there


are at my top games list :D ... anyway i voted for resident evil (sorry


4 zelda fans)

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what the f..k ? it said i already voted....


edit : i will try again later...maybe

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I have not played resident evil much besides the demos, and as far as that


goes they dont really interest me much.


although i have played all of the zelda games from ocrina of time to wind waker. some tell me that the older games were better, but i liked the ones that i played :D

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nes zelda and snes zelda are about as close to perfect as can be. i didn't like any of the RE games exept RE 1

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