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M4P and Itunes

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Being fed up with corrupt files on Kazaa, I decided to put the Itunes program to use and buy a song for a buck. I didn't know that it would be in MP4 format. So I did some googling and found some resources. Generally the easiest thing to do is to burn the file as an audio cd, then rip it back into mp3. Tried doing this using the software with my comp. I then attempted to rip it with WMP but it didn't work (file was unplayable).


I found a thread dealing with this issue. Someone reccomended this program Xilisoft Audio Converter as a solution. Just wanted to know if anyone else has any tips or solutions, or else I'll go ahead and try Xilisoft...


EDIT: Sorry...the file type is M4P. I tried the Xilisoft program along with Solution three (refer to the instructions on the page). After executing in cmd, the message said "Only works on files for which you have a valid playback key." Don't know what exactly that means, as I aquired the song legally...

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No, just no.


Never rip with Windows Media Player, Never. I don't care what you say, never, EVER rip with it. Use EAC or in fact, use Itunes it self. Just change the settings from AAC to MP3.

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pffft...I did this instead


bought from itunes, burned with itunes, ripped to WAV using db cd grab, then used db music converter to convert to mpc


and now it sounds gooder :thumbsup:


the m4p files worked on winamp, but the plug ins wouldn't work on them

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Higher bitrates are usually better, because mor data is pushed per channel. True though, i don't hear the difference.


I use VBR almost exclusively, so what would I know....

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Most new codecs are VBR now.


Ogg = VBR







Saves on space because it cuts down the unused frequencies during the song. Too bad it sucks for MP3, but MP3 sucks anyways.

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just the latest beta. It's one of those programs that aren't 100% complete yet, But functionality is great and it supports a handful of features that you can read about.

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