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Mame v0.94 Released


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SPI update [Ville Linde]

preliminary sprite Alpha (no tilemap alpha)

added sprite / tilemap DMA

proper RTC emulation


Removed SAMPLES support from sndhrdw/galaxian.c [Aaron Giles]


Removed extraneous clipping when passing streams from one output to the

next input [Aaron Giles]


Added macros for ROM_REGION64_LE and ROM_REGION64_BE [Aaron Giles]


SegaPCM now does stream_update on reads/writes for slightly better

accuracy [Aaron Giles]


Fixed System24 crash due to sound update [Aaron Giles]


ADSP2100 big endian fix [Alex Eddy]


Fixed Star Force crash [Aaron Giles]


New Games / Clones supported or promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING status:



Galaxy Force 2 [Aaron Giles]

Power Drift [Aaron Giles]

Strike Fighter [Aaron Giles]

Rail Chase [Aaron Giles]





Mortal Kombat (Yawdim bootleg) [Aaron Giles]

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Isnt this about the 4th update in a little over a week? LOL, seems like as soon as I get one version downloaded, the next one pops up. The Mamedev team must be on caffiene overload recently. :( Maybe they will have 1.0, or whatever you want to name it, out by Christmas.

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4 new games for mamedox!!!


i cant wait for the code additions...shouldnt be any major issues with the additions! :thumbsup:



Christ Sammaz. don't get your hopes up mate. The four new games are Sega games and the Sega drivers have seen a major overhaul since.84 and a huge update with.93 to the sound routines. It's out of my league to add them.


Please don't say 'shouldn't be any major issues with the additions' as though it's the easiest thing in the world. :rolleyes:


As for MAME.94... :o full steam ahead!.

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