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[01/17/05] Tetris

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Platform: ALL

Genre: Puzzle Cogenitor

Emulators: Still ALL


Tetris is the game that started all puzzle games for eternity. It's a simple game that was created on a calculator. It involves tetrads, blocks composed of four smaller blocks. They fall from the sky while you arrange them into a neat stack, trying as best as possible to avoid gaps in the structure. If the smaller sections of the blocks fill a row completely, they dissapear, and you get points. As you complete rows the blocks fall faster. Some sort of Russian dance music is thrown in the back, just for fun.


Gameplay: 5+

Sound: 6

Graphics: 4

Control: 5


I don't have to reccomened this game, you've already played it. :evil:

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Tetris worlds braught back my love for tetris, since it gave you the oppurtunity to play live with 4 players, the ability to hold one block add's more stradegy to it, and several gameplay differences can be noted as you unlock more versions of the game (E.X. Like sometimes you can only score with the number of 4X rows you have)

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