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FBA v0.2.95.21 out


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After more than a whole year , without a release, here we have a new version


What's New?





This is still an alpha release!


Note that this version CANNOT be compiled with GCC!


- converted all code to optionally use unicode.

- Added a driver for 68EC020 based Psikyo hardware.

- Added the English language version of Dangun Feveron.

- Added a built-in graphical 68000 family debugger.

- Added a second 68000 CPU core. For plain 68000 CPUs you can select

which core to use, the new one also emulates 68010 and 68EC020 CPUs.

- Fixed the overclock feature for Neo Geo;

- Added a DirectX Graphics 9 blitter (see system requirements, below);

- Performed miscellaneous minor bugfixes;

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gogo used lantus's old source and any other project he did was from someone elses source so i doubt gogo will be able do anything about it unless he really has the skills.


btw, lantus only said he was gonna take a break from fba-x, he didn't say he wasn't gonna continue.

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