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Hyper SF2 asia/japan romset dumped !?!

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Yes, it has been released, but Xor's aren't released yet.




hs2.01 131,072bytes C1A13786

hs2.02 131,072bytes 2D8794AA

hs2a.03 524,288bytes D50A17E0

hs2a.04 524,288bytes A27F42DE

hs2.05 524,288bytes DDE34A35

hs2.06 524,288bytes F4E56DDA

hs2a.07 524,288bytes EE4420FC

hs2.08 524,288bytes C9441533

hs2.09 524,288bytes 3FC638A8

hs2.10 524,288bytes 20D0F9E4

hs2.11 8,388,608bytes 0E15C359

hs2.13 8,388,608bytes A6ECAB17

hs2.15 8,388,608bytes 10A0AE4D

hs2.17 8,388,608bytes ADFA7726

hs2.19 8,388,608bytes BB3AE322




hs2j.03 524,288bytes 00738F73

hs2j.04 524,288bytes 40072C4A

hs2j.07 524,288bytes 09FE85B4


& Puzloop2 has been released too.

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Mr X,


empty your PM folder!!!!




can you hex kawa-x so that it starts at the neogeo games menu instead of the CPS-1 menu?


ive been trying but i cant figure out where the code for it is...ive been looking at the kawa-x saves udata\tdata maybe its in there


see if you can get it


thanx :rolleyes:

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