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EmuWiki Launched

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omg omg omg omg omg omg.


Shouldn't it be called Wikiemu?


Like all the other opensource wikis out there?

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Edited the SNES section there :D

No link to click on You broke it :P


It should link to the emulator site

James slaps Agozer around a bit with a extra large box of taco shells :)

Damn *sniff*


Fixed both links.

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I 've sent that :


Official Neo*Geo emulators (platforms : Windows, DOS) :


Winkawaks - Author(s) : MHz / Mr K, Razoola - Latest version : 1.52 (01.03.2005) - Official site : http://cps2shock.retrogames.com


Nebula - Author(s) : El Semi - Latest version : 2.24 (03.07.2004) - Official site : http://nebula.emulatronia.com


FBa (Final Burn alpha ; based on Dave's original Final Burn emulator) - Author(s) : FB alpha Team - Latest version : (12.24.2003) - Official site : http://fba.emuunlim.com


MAME / MAME32 / MAME Plus (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) - Author(s) : (MAME) Nicola Salmoria, MAME Team, (MAME32) Michael Soderstrom, Christopher Kirmse, MAME32 Team, (MAME Plus) MAME Plus Team - Latest version : 0.90 (01.04.2005) - Official site : (MAME) http://mame.net, (MAME32) www.classicgaming.com/mame32, (MAME Plus) http://mameplus.emu-france.com


NeoRage-X (not updated ; unofficial builds're still released) - Author(s) : (official builds) Anders Nilsson, Janne Korpela, (unofficial builds) HappyASR, EGCG (Emu Game Cool Group) - Latest version : (official) 0.6b (06.17.1999), (unofficial) Final Test 4.a (01.05.2005) - Official site : (official) www.neoragex.nu, (unofficial) EGCG've roms links on their site, the link won't be posted


ACE (Another Capcom Play System Emulator ; not updated) - Author(s) : Rollback Segment (Friol) - Latest version : 1.19 (02.24.2002) - Official site : http://ace.emuunlim.com

Edited by Mr.X
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there is a search feature, i just haven't enabled it yet, i made this site at 1 in the morning before i had to go to school, so i left it with bare minimum, so, bare with me for a day or two while i get things up and going. :)

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