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What did you play most recently?


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Playing SFA3 Max and WWE SVR2006 for PSP.


Waiting for Samurai Warriors: State of War and DBZ Budokai for PSP next (2 weeks!!!!)


Man, all these original games are killing me. The downside of playing PSP games :P

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What do you get to do online? Killing each other ala SNake style?


Yeah. The online play features the third person camera that was added to Snake Eater. You play as either KBG, GRU or Ocelot unit soldier in different modes of play like Sneaking, Rescue, Team Deathmatch etc. (all 4 vs 4). Ocelot, Raidenkov, and the Rumble Rose girls are special characters availble for Online play as well.


For detailed info check out these links:




Metal Gear Online (MGO)

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