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What did you play most recently?


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I still dont get it about Fallout New Vegas. From what i heard from my friends, the game is worse than Fallout 3 in term of storyline, setting, performance etc etc. How can this game still get a 9 in review......

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God of War III is fucking epic. Finally got my hands on the game.

If u ignore the loopholes in the story, yeah, it is really great. I am replaying all GOW at the moment to prepare for GOW: Ghost of Sparta, going to be released this Nov 2nd.

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I got the RF version but i had to run it thru abgx360 first

found out why..

A new beta version [build 12606] of the Fall 2010 [alias 'Kinect'] dashboard has been leaked on the internet a few days ago and it seems like Microsoft added new protections to it. Several users seems to report problems booting certain games from recordable media on 360s with a modified DVD FW.

One of the titles affected seems to be Fable III. The game boots fine from any media on the current dashboard on a 360 with modified FW, but fails to boot from recordable media on the leaked/12606 beta dashboard ["This disc is unreadable"] - while the retail disc will work just fine according to #FW@EFnet.


I'm fucked. took the dashboard beta MS pushed me.

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