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I come out with a list of Pros and Cons for both competetors:


DS (pro)

- Much affordable than PSP, even the games, nearly 20-30% cheaper.

- PictoChat

- Backward compatible with over 600 GBA games

- Touchscreen usage w/wo Stylus


- Not enough launch titles

- A wittle bigger than GBA

- backward incompatible with GB/GBC games


PSP (pro)

- graphics, powered as good as PS2.

- outstanding launch titles (RR, Vampire Chron, NFSU: Rival, etc.)

- a wittle smaller than GBA

- bigger screen than GBA/nDS


- Alot expensive than DS by 25%

- Game prices comes around from $40-$50

- Require the purchase of memory stick

- Power supply, up to 6 Hours

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Launch titles are invaild.


PSP's graphics aren't PS2-like AT ALL(more like PS1.7 IMO).

Vampires LOST frames compared to the dreamcast version(It's a port of the DC version with the team mode, why the HELL would it lose frames)

Another con is for PSP, not all games are destined to last 6 hours, it varies between games, as long as theres a moving the UMD, your wasting battery power. But, there are people cutting cornors to solve this, one is to reduce the amount OF the game it self so less is being read.

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Har har, I love hating on stuff I hate. Execpt for MVsC2, I'm actually starting to like it after 4 years of pure hate towards it.



P.S. I love my GBA :lol: games all bought yo! All RPGS! <3 GBA GBA GBA!

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ah well, neither handheld seems to be crap after all your elaboration.


P.S  thanks alot dash you really suck lol


haha i kno right? i was feelin that PSP is sooooo impressive but after that ps1.7 thing, i felt kinda sad...haha


man, i still cant handle that launch price for psp....


do u think psp should be in the works more longer? it seems to me that the reason that theyre even out is bc they dont want DS to start big, which they have...i think psp could be a lot more better if more time is taken...im sure people would rather wait longer for a better psp right?

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In my honest opinion. Even though I hate both of these, I wouldn't get them at launch. Why? Because better versions of these systems WILL come out(watch nintendo crank out a smaller DS and sony with a more stable PSP). And the price WILL go down.

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Ok you better stop right there about better versions, because we will kill you :lol:

The GBA and GBA SP story tends to make him right. That's pretty bad for those that bought the first version, as they have to find all the problems that users of a newer model won't have.

He is right, in fact he's been right the whole time (I think). But if you look at it in perspective, he is ruining everything for you guys lol

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