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Egg Nogg


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how about the store ones?? do they put something other than alcohol in it so that u can't get Salmonilla


I was kidding about the alcohol to kill Salmonella. Hence the wink smiley face. But you won't (or VERY VERY RARELY) would ever get Salmonella from anything bought in the store. It has to be approved by the FDA to be sold in stores and I don't think egg nog causes anything. That's why you're supposed to refridgerate it.

But alcohol WOULD kill germs, at least if it were strong enough, wouldn't it?

I mean, doesn't iodine contain alcohol?

Yeah I guess, but I don't really know how potent consumer alcohol is, especially the kind used in egg nogg.

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has anyone actually tried to make homemade egg nog? I can't be bothered there are much better and easier drinks to get me faded.

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