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Security problems!

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first of all what is your OS, another thing you should do is to disable guest accounts, your bro can get in using a guest account and then gain admionistrative rights or stuff, but this depends on your OS, another question is how old is oyur bro and how much does he knoes of comps, and this thread should be on the PC technical suppport section, topic moved

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he's 12 and doesn't know crap yet somehow he managed to access it, I'm using Win XP, guest account disabled, changed the pass again, imma put a bios pass and see if it works and anyhow

can some one dl this for I can't connect to the flocking site




it's very small under a meg, and after that send it to me on my AIM, neobloodforce

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Wait wait.. you said he didn't know anything, but he knows enough to share your drives to nab stuff over a network? That's not nothing... It's also a helluva security risk if you run a constant connection, like a cable modem, etc. Tell your folks he's going to give away their credit card information. :(


Hmm... Well does your account have access to network share properties? If not, you could at least find out if he's using the admin account or something else entirely.

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