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New use for the Internets


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Japanese telecom tests online aromatherapy service


A new service being tested by Tokyo-based NTT Communications sends out smells according to data received over the Internet.


Users attach a device to their laptops that resembles a crystal ball with a nozzle. The device receives aroma data from the central server and exudes fumes from the nozzle in accordance with that reading.


Hahahaha! This is hilarious, something that could only catch on in Japan. :(

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meh I think it sucks the internet doesn't need anymore uses!!!

I bet they are gonna make a dildo that runs thru data signals from

someone else's computer than is attached to a dick next....

bringing cyber-sex to a new dimension...


I think that actually exists. But we definitely drew up sketches for a such a machine in computer science class. :lol:

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