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Well me and my dad are looking for a cell phone plan, We need 4 phones, and at least one of them needs txt messaging, not tons of text messages, even something like 40 of them would be enough. Although every company seems to want like 70-100 dollars per month on this, and thats 1700 dollars for the 2 year contract! 1700 dollars for some fricken cell phones? What the hell? I dont care about cameras and crap on the phones either, all they need to do is make phone calls. Anyone know someplace thats cheap? i already tried Cingular, T-Mobile, and Sprint.

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It may well work out cheaper to get a pre-paid phone and just keep buying cards. That way you'll get credit for phone calls and text messaging, and they'll last until you run out of credit, rather than you paying for calls you don't use.

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