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[11/19/04] Knights of the Old Republic

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Title: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Genre: Classic-style RPG (D20 System)

Platforms: XBox, PC


A long time ago...


In a galaxy far far away...


*Loud, orchestral opening*




Four thousand years before the rise of the galatic

empire, the Republic verges on collapse. DARTH MALAK,

last surviving apprentice of the Dark Lord Revan,

has unleashed an invicible Stih armade upon an

unsuspecting galaxy.


Crushing all resistance, Malak's war of conquest has

left the Jedi Order scattered and vulnerable as

countless Knights fall in battle, and many more swear

allegiance with the new sith master.


In skies above the Outer Rim world of Taris, a Jedi

battle fleet engages the forces of Darth Malak in a

desperate effort to halt Sith's galactic domination...




The story stays incredible after that, too. Gripping you, and pulling you on an amazing ride through the universe. It's filled with twists and depth of plot. It's like you're really playing one of the movies!


The game runs on the D20 system of tabletop RPGs. This might turn some people away immediatly, but don't worry about it too much. The dice rolls and ability checks themselves are hidden away, so they shouldn't interfere with the average gamers understanding of the game. On a side note, all the intricacies of the D20 system are available for view from the menu, which is useful for finding out just why you can't seem to damage a droid.


At start up, you get to choose your face, class, and gender. There are a fair variety of faces, which is ultimately enough, because this game is offline, you don't need quite as much customization in the looks department. You get three classes to choose from; Solder, Scout, and Scoundrel. The soldier is more combat oriented, and doesn't get many skills, and then it shifts to the balanced Scout, and finally to the sneaky Scoundrel. You also get the option to either create your character from scratch, choosing abilities, skill, and statistics, or a default set-up, which automatically chooses your stats and abilities as you progress through the game (again, for the less nerdy gamers).




The game is, by default, a more fast-paced game, happening in real time. But, as an option, you can switch over to turn based combat, if you want to really think your battles through. And there are a lot of battles, all variable and fresh. Don't like battling? No problem. There are often ways to avoid it. As a Scoundrel you can turn on your stealth generator and try to sneak past enemies, or you can talk your way out of battle. As a scout you can hack computers to shut of gun turrets and droids, or overload power conduits, electrifying whole rooms of enemies. As a Soldier you can...kill things. Lot's of killing for you. Even locked doors, don't bother trying to pick them you barbarian, just smash them down!




The game spans a vast number of planets that you must esplore to find a few things. But after you leave your starting planet, Taris, You get to undergo Jedi training. After the training, you choose a new class, from a new selection of three Jedi classes, which again, shift from Guardian, a more physical character, to Sentinal, the tweener, til you reach the Consul, a more Force oriented character.


Don't worry too much about your class. Though it is important, the characters that join you cover every class. Assuming they all join you, rather than you killing them off beforehand. :D You can control each one individually, rather than letting them choose their own actions. I personally recommend checking their actions and making sure they're doing exactly what you want.




One of the most entertaining parts of this gmae is really rather trivial. That part being the Jedi Mind Trick. You always wished you could do it, and now you can! How you use it is up to you, but it's always fun to cheat your way out of paying for things. *snicker*


I've saved the best part for last...an alignment system! Everyone loves these! At least I think they do... Anyway, the KOTOR alignment system works like most. You get a certain amount of points for some of you decisions on how you finish quests or speak to people. These points push toward either the Light or Dark side, which effects both your aptitude with force powers, and eventually, your ending. The light side of the force uses healing and support powers more effectively, while the dark side gets fun powers like Force Choke, and Force Lightning.




All the exciting gameplay out of the way, the rest is mostly mediocre. Average graphics, though how they use them is pretty cool. The sound is nothing you're going to listen to on your own. And a few problems occur here and there, which pop up only often enough so they don't interfere with the game. Also, it IS a Star Wars game, so keep that in mind when considering purchase.


Gameplay: 5

Graphics: 3

Sound: 3

Control: 3


Overall: 3.5


"You know, there's a 100 credit docking fee..."

*waves hand* "I don't need to pay the docking fee."

"I don't think you need to pay the docking fee..."

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Good review. I thought this game was alright. I can't wait for KOTOR 2 which will have more and better light saber combat.

Yeah, I've got the second one reserved. :banghead: 7th of December, I can't wait!.


And yeah, the rating's out of 5. I've found the 10 system to be too complicated, and very hard to rate with. It ends up making too many bad games look good. :D This system is much easier...


1 Crap

2 Below Average

3 Average

4 Above Average

5 Excellent

6 For those games that just blow your mind when you play them. :(

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I just wait for KOTR2 and in the mean time, I think I'll play Jedi Knight 2.


Muaahaha! That game rules. I love the light saber combat.

Indeed it does. In Jedi Knight, the liht saber duels were pretty hard to master, but in 2... Man, bliss.

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I just wait for KOTR2 and in the mean time, I think I'll play Jedi Knight 2.


Muaahaha! That game rules. I love the light saber combat.

Indeed it does. In Jedi Knight, the liht saber duels were pretty hard to master, but in 2... Man, bliss.

That wasn't the same thing as Jedi Academy was it? Cause Jedi Academy sucked. The controls were so awkward. Never played Outcast though...(adds Jedi Academy to review list)

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