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Tell a guy what he should have.....


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Just finished installing my Xecuter 3 and flashing it to the latest bios.

Now's the time for me to ask......


What does a guy like me need?


What are the best dashboards out there?

What are the best emulators for Xbox? ( By system please)

What about applications, such as media players etc? Which ones are the best?


Everyones opinions are welcome, I'll give anything a try at least once.

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you need the latest














xbox media center





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the post above hit the nail on the head I'd just add:


boxplorer (it comes in handy if you use evox as a dash, for poking around in your harddrive. I actually used boxplorer to install evox when I first started.)

the dongle free dvd player I can't remember the name. hehe


Evox: is what most use and there is pleny of help avail. for it

Avalaunch: is prolly 2nd most used and features faster ftp transfers if used with qwix.

xbox media center: (it can also be used as the dash)


if you are into online games you may wanna get xbconnect too.

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The new Xbox Media Center (11-15-04) w/ XLink Kai integration is da bomb!!


Love playing Halo 2 online for free!!  :banghead:

whoa I hadn't even heard of that! gotta get it! :clapping:


edit in-> it's not up on suprnova yet..... :D

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I've been running a 8+ month old build for so long I hardly ever use it so I figured no need to update. but I guess now is the time!

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Thanks for the suggestions people. I had already had a good half of what was mentioned (I knew a bit about some stuff, like XBMC being something I'd want)


As for FTP, I do that right from my chips bios, it seems to be faster than any of the dashboards etc (5-6MB/s.....EvoX is ass slow, like 47kb/s)


P.S. If you want at the latest builds of XBMC etc, use #xbins on EFNet and get yourself into the FTP.

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